Too many TVs to count at this Sports Bar in Topeka

45th Street Topeka

When one of my friends told me about this new bar and grill near me I was over the moon.

Have you ever been sitting at home watching the game on your less than outstanding home entertainment system, with your kids running around shouting so you can hardly hear what the commentator and knocking over your beer and all the while your wife is reminding you ever two minutes of the chores you need to do around the house?

Well I have, and that’s me, or at least it was until recently.45th Street Topeka

Watch the Sports on too many TVs to count!

Since the new sports bar and grill has opened near me my stress levels have dropped to all time lows. I love to watch sports on too many TVs to count! And instead of being surrounded by screaming kids I’m surrounded by screaming friends cheering on our team!

Everybody needs their own special place, where they can go and spend quality time with their friends. My workmates and I meet now every week and we spend a great day on the weekend just kicking back, letting down our hair and watching the game on dozens of TVs at the bar and grill.

Things are even Better at Home too Now!

My wife has a bit more space for herself on the weekends and I’m always in a better mood after a session with my friends at the bar. Yea I still have to take out the garbage but at least I don’t have to hear about it anymore while watching my favorite team on the TV.

~Anonymous Happy Customer

Come by and check it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.  Drink specials everyday and perks for regular customers are just a few of the reasons to make this new bar and grill your home away from home.

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